Prof. dr. Hari Kusnanto, DrPH, Sp.DLPwas born in Yogyakarta. He attended the Gadjah Mada University for undergraduate education. After earning his medical degree from Gadjah Mada University, he then completed his post graduate program in Public Health at the same university. Afterwards, he attended the Yale University School of Medicine for Doctor of Public Health. In 2001, he got his Post Doctoral from Harvard University School of Public Health. Prof. Hari’s passion for teaching and patient’s care became evident early on, and he was presented with several teaching and clinical awards. His past research was “Early warning system for the prevention and control of DHF/DSS outbreaks in Yogyakarta Municipality”. He is now in charge of the College of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians.
Prof.DR.dr.KRT.Adi Heru Sutomo.,M.Sc.,DCN.,DLSHTM.,PKK, Sp.DLPwas born in Yogyakarta. After earning his medical degree from Gadjah Mada University, he then completed his master program in Medical Demography, University of London. Afterwards, he attended Airlangga University to finish his Public Health and Specifically in Environmental & Occupational Health. Research, teaching, and caring patient are his passions. So it’s no doubt if Prof. Adi has lots of international publications. He awarded as The Great Educator from Indonesian Global Foundation and Minister of Communications and Information Technology. He is the chair of Indonesian Red Cross in Yogyakarta and serving the community from decades ago.
Balgis,MD,MSc CM-FM, Sp.DLPwas graduated from the Colloge Medicine University of the Phillippines Manila with the degree of Master of Science in Clinical Medicine (Family & Communty Medicine) on November 2002. Since 2003 to 2012 worked as lecturer at post graduate program in family medicine university of Sebelas Maret which is the first university in Indonesia organizing the post graduate program in family medicine. She took several a short course in family Medicine at the National University of Singapore, University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine, USA and Maastricht University. She has published book in family medicine.
Dr. dr. Bondan Agus Suryanto, SE, MA, AAK, Sp.DLPis a Lecturer in Public Health and Primary Health care, also as Director of Centre for Islamic Bioethic and Medical Law Studies in Indonesian Islamic University, Yogyakarta. He was Graduated as medical doctor and PhD from Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University, Bachelor of Science in Economics from Indonesian Islamic University, graduated as Master of Arts (MA) from University of Leeds, England. He started his carrier as head of Health centre for 12 years, when he received appreciation as The Best Doctors of Puskesmas in Indonesia (dokter Puskesmas teladan). His last position as Governments employee was Head of Yogyakarta Provincial Health Office. One of his writing has been published with the title:”Borrowing and Aids to Pay for Health Care on Reducing Catastrophic Health Expenditure in Indonesia”.
dr. V Dwi Jani Juliawati, M.Pd, Sp.DLPgot her medical doctor from the Medical Faculty of Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. Then she continued to be a Master of Education from the Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta. She is a lecturer at the medical faculty of the Catholic University of Atma Jaya Indonesia, Jakarta. Her activities such as doing research and related publications in the field of medical education, community service such as pap smears, social service or mass treatment and health education, and giving her time in several clinics, community health centers, private practice.
Dr.dr.Elda Nazriati, M.Kes, Sp.DLPwas born on 5 February 1970 at Cerenti Riau province of Indonesia, was educated as a doctor at Diponegoro University, master's degree at Padjadjaran University, and doctoral program at the University of Gadjah Mada. Live in Pekanbaru, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Riau and general practitioners since 2000 until now. Research area interest are the management of medical practice in primary care, and community medical education. In 2013 was awarded as the winner of the best poster of research category at the annual scientific week of Indonesian association of family doctors. Actively take charge of family doctors association since 2004, becoming a speaker at several seminars and workshops in the field of primary care medicine. Develop doctors training modules for BPJS provider in primary care.
dr. Sugma Agung Purbowo, MARS, DiplDK, Sp.DLPis graduated from FMUI in 2002 then he continues his Master in Hospital Management at the same university. He dedicates his life in family medicine science development after becoming a lecturer at Public Health Department of YARSI Medical School and finished his Postgraduate Diploma education in family medicine. He is member of Indonesian Primary Care Physician National Board and Indonesian Association of Family Physician organization which concern with development of Indonesian first primary care specialist education. He does some researches in primary health care setting and also actively educates community about Tuberculoses and healthy life program.
dr. Tom Surjadi, M.Kes, Sp.DLPa Faculty Member of Faculty of Medicine Tarumanagara University, Jakarta since 1982 untill now. His workplace base is in Departement of Public Health-Community Health and Family Doctor. He gives lectures in Family Medicine, Environmental Health, and some other topic for medical student. Some research be done with medical students at rural Health Center. Some writing have published at local journal. As a General Practice he works at a Private Clinic, and at a Factory Clinic in Jakarta. Some charity activity also be done at remote area. He was graduate as a Medical Doctor from Faculty of Medicine Tarumanagara University Jakarta, and he then graduates as a Master of Public Health from Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Linda Dewanti, dr.MKes., MHSc. Ph.D, Sp.DLPworked as a clinician for 22 years starting in the clinic and then opened her own clinic. Since 1997 she also worked as a lecturer at the Medical Faculty Airlangga University . joined Master program twice ( at Airlangga University and the University of Tokyo) and then continued her post graduate in Tokyo . Got a scholarship from the ADB - JSP for master program dan post graduate program to the University of Tokyo . She supports courses IKM - KP , guiding research , as PBL tutor , instructor medical skills , and doing community service continously in rural areas . She already published her national and international journals in the field of medicine and health care and awarded as best oral presenter at scientific meetings.
dr. Indah S. Widyahening, MS, MSc-CMFM, Sp.DLPgraduated as medical doctor (MD) from the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FKUI), Jakarta in 1997. She continued her study in the Postgraduate Program in Occupational Health and Safety of the Universitas Indonesia and completed it in 2000. Shortly after that, she began to work as an academic staff in the Community Medicine Department of FKUI. In 2001, she was granted a scholarship from the Asian Development Bank to obtain an MSc in the Clinical Medicine – Family Medicine from the College of Medicine University of the Philippines in Manila which she completed in 2002. As soon as she returned, she was appointed as the head of the Kiara FKUI Family Medicine Clinics (2002-2006), continued by the Kayu Putih FKUI Family Medicine Clinic (2006-2009). Early at 2010, she started her PhD program in the Julius Center of Health Sciences and Primary Care University Medical Center Utrecht. She conducted and published many research in primary health care area especially those related to diabetes care, evidence based medicine and medical education. On the national level, she is a national board member of the Indonesian Association of Family Physicians, National Board for the Enhancement of the Primary Care Physicians Education in Indonesia whose main task is to prepare a nation-wide post-graduate education on primary care and the secretary of the National Colleagues of the Primary Care Physicians. She is also a member of the National Experts Committee on the Control of Non-communicable Diseases in Indonesia.
Prof DR Didik Gunawan Tamtomo dr,PAK,MM,Mkes, Sp.DLPwas born on March 13, 1948 in Solo, Indonesia. Ever since graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University on 1976, He serves as lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University and as General Practitioner. His Masteral degree was earned on 2001 in Family Medicine. “Kajian Biologi Molekuler Pengobatan traditional Kerokan pada Penanggulangan Mialgia” was his dissertation of his Doctoral degree achieved on 2005. He was inaugurated as a professor of Sebelas Maret University on 2006. Now he is lecturing Magister Degree at Faculty of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University. His concerned in Family Medicine make him never stop learning, writing articles and doing research on it. He devote him self as observer, researcher, speaker and community servicing in Family Medicine until now.
Dr. Pudji Lestari, dr, Mkes, Sp.DLPchose to be a generalist since her MD graduated. After worked in clinics and emergency room at hospitals as a GP for two years, she joined Public Health and Preventive Department School of Medicine Airlangga University at 1997. She got her magister degree on Public Health at 2000, and then she fully participated as a lecturer in public health and preventive medicine. At 2002, Indonesian Family Physician Organization asked doctors to strengthen their move, she suited right away. She joined Family Physicians training in Singapore at 2007 along with other Indonesian colleges. She has been actively participated in national level since then. She is now chairlady for East Java region Indonesian Family Physician Organization. She completed her PhD on medical science at 2011.
dr. Ernawati, MS, Sp.DLPis a general practitioner since 2000 until now and a lecturer at Medical School of Tarumanagara University since 2003 until now. Her workplace base is in Department of Public Health-Community Health and Family Doctor. She was graduated from Medical School of Tarumanagara University for the GP and Master for Occupational Medicine from Medical School of Indonesia University. She has done several researches, one in food industry and others with the medical student in Primary Health Service. She also did many promotive, preventive, and curative for various community for her social works include elderly, children, women and productive age.
dr. Hari Peni Julianti, MKes, Sp.DLPwas graduated from Medical School of Diponegoro University for the GP and Master of Public Health (Epidemiology). She has published 24 researches and 20 national and international publication in field of primary health care. She joined 17 community social programs. She has practiced in primary health care for 19 years and being a chief of primary clinic. She is the Second winner of poster and oral presenter of international and national competition. She is an author of 9 books of Family Medicine, Community Medicine, Public Health and Primary Health Care.
Prof. Dr. dr. Tri Nur Kristina, DMM, MKes, Sp.DLPhas been at the Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University Indonesia since 1986. She has been the Dean since 2015. In 2005 she was graduated as Doctor in Medical Education in Maastricht University, The Netherlands. She mentors several researchers from Indonesia and Netherlands in medical education, primary care, and family medicine and has supervised several doctorals graduate students. Her primary expertise lies in community based education (CBE), and has published widely in this domain. She was actively as a member in the development of Indonesian Doctor Standard Competencies both in 2005 and 2012.
dr. Farida Rusnianah, M.Kes, Sp.DLPwas born in Pebruary 1966 in Malang. she was graduated from the Faculty of medicine in Brawijaya University in 1993, and then she worked at primary health care from 1995 until 1998. Since that time she also work as a General Practitioner (GP) in individual private practice. Further she was continued study post graduate in Airlangga university, field of Hospital Administration, pass on 2005. She continued study in Indonesia University in 2012 and still in process until now. She consent research about Model of workplace-based learning and assessments for doctors to increase the competence of a comprehensive and patient-centered care in first-level health care facilities. Now she is a Chief of Public Health, Community and Family Medicine Unit at Faculty of Medicine in University Islam of Malang and until now still as vice Dean. She is also as a chief of the APEL PRIMA (association member primary care and primary clinics in Malang). Recently, she joined the National Board Indonesian Primary Care Physicians.
Dr. Mohammad Zulkarnain, MMedSc, PKK, PhD, Sp.DLPwas graduated as a Medical Doctor from Faculty of Medicine, Sriwijaya University. Then he continued at Master of Medical Science Newcastle University, Australia. After that, he take the post graduate in Medical Science in Airlangga University. He has been the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Sriwijaya University since 2011. He did some international presentations. He wrote for his Dissertation that is “Model for predicting performance optimalization of posyandu Cadre at Betung Sub-district, Banyuasin district, South Sumatra Province”.
Dr. Dhanasari Vidiawati T Sanyoto MSc.CM-FM, Sp.DLPwas graduated as medical doctor from University of Indonesia. Afterwards she earned her Master in Clinical Medicine-Family Medicine from Medical School, University of Philippines. She took Doctoral Program in University of Indonesia with her dissertation about Cultural Competence of Medical Education and Medical Science Community. She is the Chair of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians Association.
Dr. dr. Herqutanto, MPH, MARS, Sp.DLPwas graduated as medical doctor from University of Indonesia. Afterwards he earned her double Master of Public Health from University of Sydney and Master of Hospital Administration from University of Indonesia . He took Doctoral Program in University of Indonesia with his dissertation title Effective Training Model Physician-Patient for Enhancing Communication Skills. In 2012, he did a reasearch with the title is “Effectiveness of Permetrin in the treatment of Scabies among pesantren students in Jakarta”. He is Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Primary Care Physicians Association
Dr. dr. A. Armyn Nurdin M.Scin 1983 he was graduated as a medical doctor from Hassanudin University. He finished his master in Field Epidemiology Training Program at University of Indonesia and CDC Atlanta. Then, he earned his post graduate program from Hassanudin University. He is active in teaching and researching. In 1986, dr. armyn became the best physicians in primary care, he was awarded by Minister of Health. The latest international publication was “Community Mental Health Program in Primary Health Centers: A WHO-AIMS version 2.2 domain-3 guided-study” in 2014.
Dr. Elsa Pudji Setiawati, dr. MM. (DLP Hons.)she was graduated as a medical doctor from Padjajaran University in 1987. She got her master in Master of Management Specialisation in Hospital Management, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology. Then Dr. Elsa continued her post graduate about public health in Padjajaran University. She did lots of researches which were published both national and international journals. Dr. Elsa is a preceptor for medical education program in Family Medicine. And coordinator of Curriculum development of the Indonesian Primary Care Physicians program.
Dr. dr. Gatot Susilo Lawrence, MSc, SpPA(K), DFM, SpF, FESCHe finished his undergraduate program at Hassanudin University as a medical doctor. Then he earned Master of Science from Dept.of Pathology, Renal-Transplant Path., The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Still, he continued his study becoming pathological anatomy specialist and consultant in Hassanudin University. Though he finished specialty in forensic, in 2006; dr Gatot is very much involve in GP training and practice for decades. He obtained many awards and National and international publication is a common thing for him.
dr. Insi Farisa Desy Arya, M.Si (DLP Hons.)was born in Bandung. She got medical doctor degree form Padjajaran University. then she continued Master program at the same university. she took communication studies. She joined some professional training, such as primary care physicians training. Her newest research title is Implementation of Community --?Based Education:Case Study in WestJava. In 2015, she attended some oral and poster presentation in Australia.
dr. Hj. Mariatul Fadilah, MARS, Sp.DLPShe was graduated as a medical doctor from Sriwijaya University School of Medicine. then she continued to the University of Indonesia to be a Master in Faculty of Public Health. In 1988, she was the Best Physician in South Sumatera, then one year later, she became the Best Physician in Indonesia. She actives in some national organization. Now she is a second vice dean of Faculty of Medicine Sriwijawa University and CEO for Maternal and Neonatal Hospital.
dr. Mora Claramita, MHPE, PhD, Sp.DLPShe was graduated from Gadjah Mada University Faculty of medicine. At that time she was best ten graduates. Then, in 2005 she earned her Master of Health Profession Education from Maastricth University, The Netherland -Cum-Laude, STUNED Grantee. Dr. Mora finished her PhD on Medical Education in 2012 from the same university before. She was given international awards such as Fulbright Senior Research Award at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, US and Lyn Clearihan Award: Best paper of Asia Pacific Family Medicine Journal (APFMJ) 2011. Her area of interest of research is health professional-patients relationship.
dr. Nita Arisanti, M.Sc.FM (CMFM)(DLP Hons.)was born in Bandung. In 2001, she finished her undergraduate program from Padjajaran University Faculty of Medicine. Then she earned her Magister program from University of the Philippines, Manila. She has published books in family medicine. She is Memberships of Indonesian National Board of Primary Care Physicians. She took a short course in family Medicine at the Monash University. She taught about family medicine at Padjajaran University
dr. Retno Asti Werdhani, M.Epid, Sp.DLPwas born in Jakarta. In 2000, she was graduated from University of Indonesia as a medical doctor. Afterwards, she got her Master in Epidemiology in 2006. dr. Asti did a research with the title is Survey on perception of primary care clinical guidelines in 2014 and following research and then graduated as a PhD in primary care education. She also joined some trainings about family doctor. She has published her journals in to international publication (Journal of medicine and medical science).
dr. Trevino Aristarkus Pakasi, MS, PhD, Sp.DLPwas born in Bogor. he studied at University of Indonesi for General Practitioner and Master in Occupational Medicine. Then he continued his Doctoral Program at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center Medicine, the Netherlands. He is a teaching staff and academic coordinator at Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia. he has achievements and awards such as 1st place for paper presentation at the 13th International Congress for Medical students and Young Health Professionals (MECALIS). Romania, 2012.
Dr. dr. Wahyudi Istiono, M.Kes. he went to Gadjah Mada University Faculty of Medicine for his General Practitioner, Master of Public Health and he has finished his Doctoral Program in Medicine and Health Sciences: particularly in Family and Community Medicine. He concerns about teaching and doing research. He is a lecturer in undergraduate and post graduate program in Gadjah Mada University. His experiences in caring patient has been so long since 1992 till now.
Dr. Oryzati Hilman Agrimon, MSc. CMFM, PhD. She studied at Gadjah Mada University for her Medical Doctor. Then she got her Master of Science in Clinical Medicine–Family Medicine (MSc.CMFM) –College of Medicine, University of the Philippines Manila. After that she finished her Doctor of Philosophy in General Practice/ Family Medicine (PhD) – School of Population Health, the University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA. She is Faculty Staff at Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Her latest paper publication was “Cross Cultural Adaptation of the 24-Item Diabetes Knowledge Questionnaire for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Indonesia”, Abstract Book of the 20th WONCA Asia-Pacific Conference, 21-24 May 2014, Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA (This paper won Oral Merit Award).
dr. Nur Afrainin Syah, M.Med.Ed, PhD, Sp.DLPShe studied in Faculty of Medicine Andalas University then became a medical doctor in 2002. She went to Faculty of Medicine The University of Sydney for her Master of Medical Education and Doctor of Philosophy with the Dissertation title “An Exploration of General Practitioners’ Experiences of Maintaining Standards of Practice in Indonesia”. She has been a lecturer at Faculty of Medicine Andalas Universiry since 2002. She published her paper in to oxford journal which the title was "Perceptions of Indonesian general practitioners in maintaining standards of medical practice at a time of health reform." Family Practice. First published online: July 9, 2015.
DR. Erfen Gustiawan Suwangto, Sp.DLPHe was graduated as a medical doctor from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia School of Medicine. he is a lecturer at Medical Law Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. he is a membership of World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA). he was a speaker for World Organization of Family Doctors di Taipei, Taiwan 2015, he talked about Medical Liability Insurance for Medial Residents in Indonesia. he got the High Achievement Student of First to Third Semester of Atmajaya Catholic University School of Medicine. His latest publication was : “Study of Doctor-Patient Communication”, poster presentation in Asian Medical Education Association Congress in 2011.
I Nyoman Mangku Karmaya, Sp.DLPHe went to Udayana University for his medical doctor degree, Magister of Reproduction, and Doctoral Program in Reproduction Health. He awarded as a Family Medicine Specialist (PKK) by Indonesian Medical Doctor Association and also got certificate in Medical Sciences from University of Hongkong. Indonesian Andrologist Association gave him Fellow Indonesian Association of Sexology (FIAS) in 2013. He is a lecturer at Udayana University in undergraduate and post graduate program.
dr. TA Larasati, M.Kes, Sp.DLPshe went to Sebelas Mare University for her General Practitioner and Magister. She is the candidate of Doctor in Family Medicine. she joined Training of Trainers for Lecturers at Primary Care Physicians. She has published book in family medicine. She is a participant in Training course Indonesian Primary Care Physicians 9-20 Mei 2016, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.