1. National and international meetings on primary care  topics to discuss and understand the knowledge of primary care services and education, based on the latest evidence on primary care medicine;
  2. Actively participated in directing, mentoring, developing,and implementing the primary care services and education in all faculty of medicine in Indonesia;
  3. Supports research and development of the primary care knowledge at national and international levels;
  4. Actively participated in enhancing primary care services in Indonesia in collaboration with many stakeholders and not against the law;
  5. Being the advocate of health care services and education for the people in Indonesia and the world;
  6. Collaborate with Association of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians,other organization in the area of family medicine, community medicine,public health, at national, regional and international levels, other medical and health professionals, and other organization which has the same goal of serving the high quality of health care;
  7. Hosting other activities which do not against the Indonesian national philosophy of Pancasila and the Indonesian Foundation Act of 1945.


Case Report Series in Family Medicine

Sesi 1 – Hipertensi Pembicara Mark Alan Graber MD University of Iowadan dr. I Dewa Putu Pramantara, Sp.PD., K-Ger. Moderator Prof …
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Clinical Teachers Serial Training

Sesi-Sesi dari Clinical Teachers Serial Training …
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Webinar Series Membership in Primary Care 2020-2021

Departemen Kedokteran Keluarga dan Komunitas, FK-KMK UGM dan pemangku kepentingan yang ada di Republik Indonesia menyelenggarakan “Webinar Series Membership in …
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HPEQ Project in Primary Care Education supported by Ministry of Higher Education September 2012 – May 2013

The program includes a series of National Workshops attended by nearly 30 Medical Faculties in Indonesia, Ministry of Health, Ministry …
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Journal Review of Primary Care Practice and Education

Review of Primary Care Practice and Education (RPCPE) is an official journal of the College of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians …
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Kolegium Ilmu Kedokteran Layanan Primer Indonesia greet you to our brand new webpage.  …
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