Ordinary Members

Ordinary members are members who have fulfilled the basic requirements, which have been confirmed as registered primary care doctors.

Requirements accepted to become a member of the assembly is as follows :

1. Able to be active in following the activities set by the assembly;

2. Receive Basic Budget and Bylaws and general programs and the rules of the assembly;

3. States themselves to become members by completing the membership form;

4. Specified and approved by the board with the decision that applied;

5. Provisions regarding the requirement to be a member of the set more information in the Bylaws assembly;

The Rights of Its Members

1. Each member has the right to obtain the same treatment;

2. Each member has the right to say their opinions, good suggestions orally or writing;

3. Each member has the right to choose and vote in the election of the management of the assembly;

4. Each member has the right to get the protection and defense in accordance with the applicable rules;

5. Each member has the right to follow the improvement activities and scientific knowledge as well as the development of human resources which is held by the assembly;

Obligations of Members

Each of the members of the assembly of the obligation to:

1. Obey and implement fully all the terms of the Articles of Association and the laws and terms of other provisions that have been assigned by management

2. Maintain and uphold the good name of the assembly;

3. Have formal ties and moral and uphold the good name of the purpose and the honor of the assembly;

4. Have a high level of awareness to develop the assembly;

5. Obey the decisions of the meeting;

6. Pay membership dues;

7. Be Active in participating in the activities held by the assembly;