Indonesian Society of Teachers in Family Medicine (ISTFM) previously known as KOLEGIUM ILMU KEDOKTERAN LAYANAN PRIMER(KIKLPI), abbreviated COLLEGE OF INA PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN (hereinafter in this Articles abbreviated as “COLLEGE OF INA PCP”) was establishedon 16th  Sept 2015, domiciled and headquartered in the Yogyakarta City.

COLLEGE OF INA PCP formation is driven by a strong desire to participate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as contributing and practicing devotion to the progress and welfare of the people and the Republic of Indonesia, in accordance with dignity and noble traditions of the medical profession and contribute to strengthen of primary health care throughout the world, equal access for quality health care for every Indonesian people, as well as strengthen the universal health insurance system reform, it’s a part of the development of Family Medicine and Primary Care in the universe.Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia has decreed regarding the working group developing the capacity and performance of Indonesia Primary Care Physicians (Number HK.02.02/MENKES/282/2016). Primary Care Physicians Indonesia consists of physicians who consistently apply principles of family medicine, supported by community medicine and public health and able to lead the primary health care in a high quality services and care.